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"Lame or Not Lame Hall of Fame or Shame"™

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Most. awesome. plate. ever. Okay, at least a lock for the top ten, and probably a top three. Cycling home from downtown, eastbound on St. Clair crossing the bridge over Yellow Creek, I'm passed by a car with the plate 10 PM. There is traffic, so the car waits at the corner to make a right on Mt. Pleasant. I ride up and stop a few feet ahead of it, and give the occupants a thumbs up sign, pointing to the plate, thinking only that it's not lame. Then I see that inside the car is Knowlton Nash. The penny drops. Now it's ~awesomely~ not lame. I give him the OK sign and say "Perfect!!" The woman driving rolls down the window and asks "You get it?" I say "Of course." She replies "Some people think he's Peter Mansbridge."


Very not lame

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