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Added 2010-09-07, Updated 2010-11-06

Our season is over, and we are done. Thanks to Evan for taking care of the administration for the last game, and also thanks to all the guys who showed up and prevented a default, as half our team was at Andrew's wedding. (Next year no weddings, okay?) Who has the pads?


The Donalco Rudeboys lost our opener by the final score of 35-34. We missed a two point convert towards the end of the game. However, our composure was good throughout... except at the beginning of the game, where more than one person expressed dismay and anxiety at having to field a team consisting mainly of old guys. Considering the comeback we made after being down 27-12 at the half, we feel pretty good. Dree, Travis and Milton had really strong games, as of course we expected them to, but I would like especially to mention Evan's performance with the opening touchdown as well as that great interception that he turned into a touchdown for Dree.

In case some of us get lost again next Saturday, here again is the link to Wexford Collegiate.


The Donalco Rudeboys lost our second game 57-20.

The Bucs scored every time they had the ball, and also once when we had it. We, on the other hand, didn't score as much. The play of the game had to be Stephen's kickoff return for 70 yards. And Milton's tipped reception for a TD.

This Saturday will see several regulars back in action. We should actually be at full strength for the first time.


What do the Bills, Browns, Lions, Panthers, 49ers, and Donalco Rudeboys have in common?

Yup. Oh-and-three.

It would be easy to point the finger at all the things that went wrong. I'd rather talk about the good stuff, like the "pick six" touchdown that Michael got on the first defensive series, the huge catch Tyrone made over the deep middle, or Dree's many completions and two touchdowns (he's my player of the game for his effort).

Some guys were disappointed at the distribution of playing time and confusion about substitutions, and that's my fault. I'll talk about this some more at the 12:15 pre-game team meeting next Saturday.


"Disappointment" does not adequately describe what we felt today. Unable to move the ball consistently (and occasionally to catch it), unable to halt the other team's marches (and occasional deep completions). Still looking at a big fat goose egg in the win column. See for yourself: MTTFL standings (choose E conference from the dropdown)..


At 0-and-5 after losing the double-header last week, it was time to give John a turn at quarterback. Eric played defence and contributed well. In fact, the defence allowed the fewest point this year, 18. Sadly, the offence scored the fewest points this year, squadoosh. Post-game consensus, however, was that we moved the ball well, kept the huddles short and crisp, and the plays are working.

Milton is my player of the game today. The guy's enthusiasm is infectious. On third and none he talks us into trying the pitchout to him for a pass downfield (incomplete). Later in the game we have another third down pitchout to Eric, a long throw downfield into triple coverage, and Milton almost catches it!


Today's game was a bit of an experiment, suggested by Dean and Dave. We split our team up into offence and defence, and played the first half in our designated roles. John and I played quarterback, with Eric on the defence. My two series were over pretty quick, as I threw two picks; John had only one and played out the half. After two quarters, the Bucs were up 35-0.

The experiment began in the second half, as the guys formerly on defence played offence, and vice versa. Eric had success and eventually scored touchdowns to Dave and Steve. On defence, we held our ground and I almost got a pick. (Yes, you read that right.)

The final score of the game was 41-12. So the defence outscored the offence 12-0. But the offence outdefended the defence 35-6. So we all know who won ~that~ experiment.


For some reason, a whole bunch of people were AWOL today. We played the entire game with six players, playing both ways: Dean, Dave, Stephen, Evan, John, and me. Dean and I had colds. It was a potential fiasco, and we came through it unbeaten. Okay, we lost the game by a score of 35-18, but we were not beaten. Not even by ourselves, as we are sometimes wont to do.

We were helped immensely in the execution of the game by Aubrey who threw the ball in to us, retrieved the kicking tee, and even went on a supplemental water run. He was also of immeasurable personal assistance to me, calling in suggestions from the sideline like "Don't be looking in the parking lot to see if anyone's coming, focus on who you have" and "Stop it. Talk to the other team after the game" when I spoke to the Lugan's kicker during a play (his kicks, though, let's face it, were awesome).

For entertainment value, this game is going to be pretty hard to beat. Third and one, I think it was, and I'm doing a square left when my pants start to come apart. Lookin' like a fool wif my pants on da ground. Please note I did not fall down, I ran out my pattern, and the ball was behind me anyway.

After it was proven once again that I'm not a quarterback (note to self: do not throw the ball to where the receiver is supposed to be, if he isn't actually there, and his defender is), John took over and ultimately scored touchdowns to Dave, Evan, and the last one to me. Evan is my star of the game, by the way. Guy never gives up and has really, really good hands.

Late in the game we are third and field—[sigh] again—and I call a punt in the huddle, with me as the punter. Break. We get to the line of scrimmage and I see one defender on the right side playing up real close, and the other one backed off a bit. So I give Dave my best Dan Marino stare, and call "Omaha! Omaha!" This is intended to resemble an audible, a change of the play call. Of course, our team has no audibles, so this could have no possible meaning to us, it was intended for the other team. I wanted both defenders to come up and play man-to-man, and then I was going to punt over their heads. That was the idea, anyway. When the ball was snapped, it rolled past me for an eventual 25-yard sack. On third and field. That kind of day.

Going both ways, all game, is a killer. I am really proud of this team who never gave up.


Finally, off the schneid! So many things went right today, it was awesome. Five minutes to game time and only five guys are at the field, and I'm thinking we've blown it. Then six more of us show up.

The star of the game, without question, was everybody on defence. The defence allowed zero points against them. Anybody can win when that happens, and we did.

The offence worked fine all game, despite the slow pace (which I still say is robbing yourself of at least one possession per quarter). Eric threw touchdowns to Travis, Tyrone, Dean, and me, with a 2-pointer to Dree. He also threw a touchdown to the other team, so the final score was 26-8. Dree, by the way, had catch of the day, jumping up over his defender and wrestling the ball away.

But back to the defence. Here's the kind of great day they had. Travis had two gorgeous interceptions in the first half, to set the tone of the game. John played rusher, and got a third-and-one sack, i.e. field position and the ball—and he did that twice. Evan had a pick. Steve had several key knockdowns as well as two picks. It was an awesome performance overall.

Congratulations to the RudeBoys have been coming in from all over town all day.


No report yet available (other than the score which I got from the MTTFL web site) on noteworthy plays in our last game, or on who played, and saved us from defaulting the game. Thanks, guys.

SatSept 1112:30Bullfrogs34-350 - 1
SatSept 1811:00Bucs20-570 - 2
SatSept 2512:30Mighty Pythons26-320 - 3
SatOct 0212:30Lugans16-320 - 4
2:00Bullfrogs22-300 - 5
SatOct 0911:00Jazz0-180 - 6
MonOct 11rescheduled to Oct 02
SatOct 1612:30Bucs12-410 - 7
SatOct 2312:30Lugans18-350 - 8
SatOct 3012:30Mighty Pythons26-81 - 8
SatNov 0612:30Jazz6-411 - 9

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