2011 MTTFL season off to a great start

Rudeboys are 2-0 after week 1

Added 2011-09-10

The Rudeboys had a great opening day with victories in two games. (The second was our September 24th game rescheduled.)

In the opener against the Lugans, the offence completed 6 out of 10 drives for touchdowns. (Ten possessions also happens to be the statistical average of 2½ possessions per quarter.) TDs by Andrew to Dean, Dree, Dave, and Dree, and TDs by John to Dave and Milton. Our defence shut them out completely, and added two "pick 6" interceptions, the first by Milton with a lateral to Dree for the touchdown, and the second on a tip to Dean with a great return and a lateral to Milton for the touchdown; this second one came on the very next play after Milton had got beat deep on an "Oh shit" play.

The second game against the Pythons was closer. Were were ahead only 20—15 at the half, but scored on the opening play of the third quarter to pull away. The offence completed 4 out of 7 drives for touchdowns, same success percentage as the first game. This was a much slower game, though, with longer drives, so fewer possessions. Offensive TDs by Andrew to Dree, Dave, Travis, and Sheldon, our newest player and a great acquisition. We also had two defensive TDs, another pair of "pick 6" interceptions, the first early in the game on a tip to Sheldon who ran it all the way back, and the second by Dree, who also ran his all the way back.

There were many stars today. The entire defence, for example. But in my estimation, the most valuable contribution was Andrew's. He made clear decisions on lineups and substitutions (sadly lacking last year), and made sure there was no yapping or whining (ditto). And he threw a great game, didn't he?

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