A beautiful day in the MTTFL

YBs face the Super Troopers

Added 2013-10-05

On a lovely Saturday morning in October, the YBs, formerly known as the Yeomen Blues, take on the Super Troopers in the MTTFL's "AA/A" conference.

Here's Gary and me prior to game time —

Gary and me

Gary once played with me back in the 90s when we won the E conference championship.

By the way, except for the last one, which is a selfie, all of these photos were taken by Gary's daughter Olivia. I have to say they turned out to be quite fabulous.

Here's Nyle and me —

Nyle and me

Nyle is Dree's son, and Dree is another former teammate now playing on the YBs.

This next photo is the best shot of the day. You'll probably have to scroll right to see it all. Note that all 13 people, six on each team plus the line ref, are intensely focussed —

YBs versus the Super Troopers

This is Tim, one of our regular fans —


After four steamboats, the rusher crosses the line of scrimmage and Gerry prepares to throw into the end zone —

Four steamboats

Later in the game, our defence forces a turnover, and the offence huddles —

YBs' offensive huddle

Here's me after snapping the ball, getting off the line of scrimmage —

After snapping the ball

Unfortunately, our day was slightly marred, as the YBs lost the game by a final score of 48-24. Hopefully we will get to see these guys again in the playoffs.

In the "AA/A" conference, you get the best refs. I tried to get all three of us into this "selfie" but I inadvertently cut myself off —

AA/A conference has the best refs

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