A fake fake punt

The NFL is back with the Hall of Fame preseason game

Added 2009-08-09

Here's Tennessee's backup punter A.J. Trapasso, picked up as an undrafted free agent in April, heading for the end zone in the NFL's annual Hall of Fame game, played every year in the field right next to the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, the day after the induction ceremonies. Of particular note in this screenshot is that there is nobody else in the picture. No other players, that is.

The punter is all alone and heading for the endzone.

On fourth down, in their opening drive, the Titans completely fooled the Buffalo defense with a fake punt. Trapasso actually went through the punting motion while putting the ball behind his back. Then, with his leg in the air, he faked the handoff to a running back who had peeled around behind him, transferred the ball to his other hand behind his back, and took off for a 40-yard touchdown scamper. So it was actually a fake fake punt.

Despite the fact that we were seeing third- and fourth-string players for most of the game, it was still more entertaining than watching the CFL last weekend. The fact that Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were the announcers rather than Todd Homer and Biff Excitable had a lot to do with it, too.

And may I add that Terrell Owens, who scored more touchdowns than any other receiver over the last few years, runs stunningly precise routes.

Update August 10

Tony Riali, on Around the Horn, says "Can we all agree that the fake punt was awesomeness to the awesomeness power."

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