A nostalgic return to the Beach

There's nothing like frisbee golf at night

Added 2011-12-13

Aubrey and I decided on the spur of the moment to play a Tuesday night round of frisbee golf on our old course at the Beach.

I suppose it's worth repeating for the sake of new readers that this is an unofficial course. Neither tees nor targets are marked, so you have to have played with us to know where the course is. In case anyone fancies a round, please do get in touch. There is plenty of illumination from the lamposts along the boardwalk and throughout the adjacent parkland, and an evening round is perfect because there are fewer pedestrians.

Here's a picture taken from out on the beach beside the lifeguard stand which is the target for the 3rd hole, looking northwest towards the 4th tee, the lamppost on the right. The seasonal lights once again add a very pleasant touch to the round, and I realize that the last time we played the Beach was almost a year ago.

Seasonal lights along the Beach boardwalk

Here's the target for the 9th hole, at the foot of Silver Birch Avenue. Maybe it's just me, but I see faces everywhere, and this guy seems somewhat chagrined. The "listen" hat adds a nice touch.

Beach frisbee golf 9th hole target

At the tee for the 12th hole, just beside the Balmy Beach Club, we find a row of toilets facing the parking lot. How considerate of them, seeing as how they've removed all the shrubbage on the hillside right there, where we used to conceal ourselves, when, you know, nature called.

Toilets beside the Balmy Beach Club parking lot

The course played reasonably well tonight, considering the cold, and I arrived at the 18th hole with a two stroke lead. Unfortunately for me, the gods of frisbee golf decided that this was the appropriate time for me to card a double bogey, and so I ended up "tied with Todd" as the saying goes, at 65, seven under par.

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