A rude awakening

Rudeboys are 2-1 after week 2

Added 2011-09-17

The Rudeboys came back to earth today with a 51-21 loss to the Jazz, dropping us to 2-1, right behind the 2-0 Jazz.

The Jazz turned the ball over on downs on their first possession, but all we could manage was a field goal attempt, which was wide for a single point. That one-point lead was the closest we got.

Dree made a fantastic catch on a desperation third-and-field pass into the end zone for a touchdown. And we had subsequent touchdowns to Dree and Dave. But that was not enough, as the Jazz scored seven touchdowns to our three, and intercepted us three times, and on two of those picks we were simply outplayed for the ball.

Honorable mention today for Dave for multiple catches and multiple tags on defence. But today's star, my hero, is Dree, who just keeps giving us everything he's got, on every play, on offence, and defence, and special teams, and I wanted to mention this because it is a rare quality—that drive, that need to win. Thanks, Dree.

See MTTFL Fall 2011 Standings for league standings. They have our total points scored wrong and I have notified them.

Rudeboys results/schedule:

sat sep 109:30lugansW 56—0
sat sep 1012:30pythonsW 40—18
sat sep 179:30jazzL 21—51
sat oct 111:00vikings
sat oct 89:30tallboys
mon oct 109:30lugans
sat oct 159:30jazz
sat oct 229:30pythons
sat oct 299:30vikings
sat nov 59:30tallboys

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