The Aga Khan Museum

Work proceeds on the Aga Khan Museum for Islamic Art and Culture on Wynford Drive

Added 2010-09-02

Looking southwest towards Toronto

Construction of the Aga Khan Museum on Wyndford Drive is well underway.

Looking southeast over the Don Valley

The excavation is absolutely huge, and will accommodate underground parking for 750 cars.

Incidentally, this rise of land gives a clear view across the Don Valley. In the enlarged portion (below) of the first photo, the two smaller white buildings in the distance are on Sunrise Avenue at Victoria Park, and you can just barely make out the Bermondsey Road garbage transfer station just in front of them.

Sunrise Avenue apartment buildings

The Aga Khan Museum site is the location of the former Bata Shoe Headquarters, a gorgeous 1960's era building that was torn down a few years ago. Interestingly enough, you can still see it in the aerial view provided by Microsoft Virtual Earth at You can watch it being torn down in a fabulous demolition video on Youtube.

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