Alternate field for Sunday Football

In case the Sandford Fleming field is in use

Added 2012-04-15

The field at Dante Alighieri Academy (formerly known as Sandford Fleming Collegiate) was in use this morning, so we all made our way down to our alternate field at Bathurst Heights on Lawrence at Varna. Actually, that school has changed its name, too. It's now John Polanyi Collegiate Institute, named after the famous Canadian scientist who won the 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. I had the privilege of taking a physics course from Dr. Polanyi at University of Toronto in 1967.

Final results today:
John, Steve, Gord, Travis — 2.
Eric, Milton, Rudy, Ed — 0.

Star of the day was Travis, who scored both touchdowns.


Next week we will go back to Sandford Fleming again.

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