An even dozen, evenly matched

Fine weather continues to bring players out

Added 2012-02-19

I arrived a bit late (hoping to be the last man, go both ways, and so not have to play defence) and found eleven guys out on the field. This makes for the best game possible—six on six, just like in the MTTFL.

Andrew yells out from the field "Hey Rudy, take a picture."

Eleven guys on the field

From left to right, not that you can actually make out anybody in this long-distance shot from the parking lot where I'm rushing through my pre-game ritual, we have: Steve, Noah, Milton, Eric, Dave, Dan, John, Al, Gordie, Andrew, and Dean.

Star of the day was Dan, an enthusiastic newcomer and pretty decent football player. Nice to see Dean again, and we hope he won't be too busy for football for a while. Laugh of the day was Al intercepting the ball on third down, and he suffered with grace the good-natured ribbing he got the second time he did it.

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