Another Good Friday on Toronto Island

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Added 2011-04-22

Aubrey and I decided to head out early, hoping to get in a good portion of our round before the inevitable holiday crowd arrives. Because of the light TTC schedule so early on a statutory holiday, I rode my bike down, and arrived with time to spare. We took the 7:15, and the ferry crew actually outnumbered the passengers, of which there was one other besides us two.

Once again, we were impressed by how gorgeous the island setting is for frisbee golf. Early in the morning, when no one else is on the course, there are two things you can't help but notice—how quiet it is, and how much wildlife there is. Innumerable species, all getting on with life. Ducks of various types, black squirrels (one with a ruddy red tail) but no greys, a huge feral cat out hunting, kingfishers, little nuthatches scampering up tree trunks looking for lunch, swans cruising along the lagoons with their wings spread out in "get-outta-my-territory" displays, woodpeckers which you can hear from hundreds of yards away, cardinals giving us a wary eye, dozens of robins and an actual robin fight, which neither of us had ever seen before...

The weather cooperated, threatening rain but clearing up nicely.

Cloud bank rolls by

(For more pictures of this cloud, see Roll cloud spotted over Toronto.)

The Coast Guard ship which we had seen tied up just east of the ferry docks eventually headed out.

Coast Guard ship heads out

Inevitably, the disc golfers arrived, but fortunately for us, it wasn't until we had completed our round and were tallying the scores on 18. A couple dozen had come over together on the ferry, and were bunched up at the first tee. Several of these yahoos slipped over to the 18th tee and started yelling at us to get off the course because they wanted to shoot. We chalked it up to them being immature and not having learned any decorum yet. Just another of the many differences between frisbee golf and disc golf, I guess.

On the way back to the ferry dock, I took a quick spin on my bike over to Algonquin Island, and let me tell you it is a completely other world in there, apart from the Olivia Chow signs all over the place. Here is Ojibway Avenue just over the bridge, and in the distance is the terrace of the Harbour Square condo complex across the bay.

Ojibway Avenue on Algonquin Island

Once we got back to the mainland, we were astonished at the number of people lining up to get on the ferries. Unlike last year, when they were still on the winter schedule, today the full ferry fleet was operating.

Good Friday lineup to get on the Toronto Island ferry

It turns out that the reason for the throngs was a three-day Easter egg hunt on Centre Island.

Good Friday lineup to get on the Toronto Island ferry

Aubrey and I said our goodbyes but bumped into each other again at Bloor Station when the TTC played another "all passengers please leave the train, this train is now back in service" game.

Aubrey and I on the Yonge subway

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