Another Sunday Football guest appearance

In the winter that never was

Added 2012-03-11

For the third time in four weeks, a new player joins us for Sunday Football today. This time it was Gabe, one of Noah's friends, seen here (with the hat) in the huddle with Milton, Steve, and Eric. John, heading toward the parking lot, was the other member of their team.

Gabe, Milton, Steve, Eric, John

John and I had both decided we were done for the day, with the score tied at 4—4. This gave me a rare opportunity to take some interesting photos for a change.

The other team had been Andrew, Dave, Avrum, Gordie, and me. Noah, being last man to arrive, played both ways. It wasn't long before Noah scored the winning touchdown for Andrew's side.

Noah scroes the winning touchdown

Subsequently, Andrew kicks off for the last series for each team, with Avrum and Noah on side.

Andrew kicks off

Andrew earns star of the day honours today, shutting down the other team's last drive with this great defensive play on a pass to Steve.

Defensive play of the day

I managed to get a nice shot of our friend the coyote as he looks both ways before crossing the ramp from the southbound Allen to the eastbound 401.

Coyote looks both ways

Stupid coyote doesn't realize that traffic only comes from the left on this ramp.

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