Another MTTFL season in the books

Rudeboys lose semi-final

Added 2011-11-12

I looked hard to find a positive way to describe today's result. In the end, the final score said it all. We had lost our playoff game against the Vikings, 35—6.

Player of the day was Steve, with two (2!) interceptions on bobbled balls and overall tough coverage. Travis had a huge interception, and Dree had our touchdown. I got to play a fair bit in the third quarter and was really impressed with the way Andrew called the plays in the huddle, especially on that lovely long touchdown march. We didn't get outplayed, we just ran out of time.

So that's it for this year's Rudeboys. I said to Andrew after the game that our problem was, we had too many old guys, but he said no, we just don't have enough young guys.

So that'll be our challenge over the winter, to find some more good young players. Then maybe I can afford to retire from the MTTFL. Meanwhile, I hope to be enjoying myself for another winter playing Sunday Football.

See MTTFL Fall 2011 Standings for league standings.

Rudeboys final results:

sat sep 109:30lugansW 56—0
sat sep 1012:30pythonsW 40—18
sat sep 179:30jazzL 21—51
sat oct 111:00vikingsL 18—34
sat oct 89:30tallboysW 30—18
mon oct 109:30lugansW 31—12
sat oct 159:30jazzL 8—47
sat oct 229:30pythonsW 21—7
sat oct 299:30vikingsL 12—32
sat nov 59:30tallboysL 12—48
sat nov 12
9:30vikingsL 6—35

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