Another sunny Tuesday on the Island

And the entire golf course to ourselves...

Added 2010-11-23

The Toronto Island frisbee golf course is located adjacent to the Ward's Island fire station. There's a rather large clock located on the building's tower. Having come across on the 8:00 a.m. ferry, we arrive at the course at, let's see, a pigeon past the campfire.

The clock at the Ward's Island fire station

For an idea of the scale, notice the live bird (chickadee?) sitting on the six-o'clock upside-down face.

The course follows the contour of the island, running parallel to and on both sides of Cibola Avenue. There are frequent warning signs for pedestrians—"Disc golf zone ahead."

"Disc golf zone ahead" sign along Cibola Avenue

Aubrey lost his frisbee in the water along the 4th fairway, but was able to retrieve it with the convenient emergency ladder located beside the channel.

It's a good thing frisbees float

On the 8th hole, we had to move the target from its current position back to the end of the dogleg. Don't tell anyone it was us, okay?

These things are actually fairly heavy

On the way home, we pass the fire station again, and this time I notice the plaque on the wall.

Artist for the clock was Gordon Peteran

"Gordon Peteran's Fire and Water symbolically depicts the timeless battle waged between the two elements. Familiar cultural images and human faces arranged around the clock remind us that we, too, are part of this continuing drama." Somebody please explain to me how a pair of dice figures into this. Or a pigeon, for that matter.

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