April in December

Sunday Football will be on Monday next week

Added 2011-12-18

Last week, we had three newcomers to Sunday Football, Al and two of his friends from a flag football team. Al returned this week and we're hopeful his friends Andrew and Sacha (I hope I'm spelling that right) will come back as well.

Al and me at Sunday Football

We had absolutely gorgeous weather yet once again today. Like April in December. Ten players turned up. The game ended with a bit of a lopsided score, 6-2. The play that stands out most in my mind, and there were plenty to choose from, was Al defending Dree in the open field after Dree caught a pass, with Dree making those incredibly fast jump cut changes of direction, not once but three or four times, and Al cutting him off every time. Great effort.

NOTE: it's confirmed, we do have enough players for a game on Monday, at least 8 guys, some others still to be heard from. See you all at 11:00.

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