The Back Shoulder Pass

Making NFL moves in a Sunday Football game

Added 2010-12-19

Gotta split up the old guys evenly

The "back shoulder pass" is all the rage in the NFL, it seems. The receiver races downfield and the defender keeps pace, with his eye on the receiver. If the defender turns to look for the ball, it could be disastrous, because the receiver could then go elsewhere and get open. With the ball in the air, the receiver suddenly stops running and goes up for, or comes back to get, the underthrown pass.

We tried it ourselves at Sunday Football today a bunch of times. Occasionally the underthrown pass wasn't supposed to be underthrown. Dree had a spectacular catch on a play where he had gone past the defender, who seemed about to make an interception, and came back to jump over the defender and snag a touchdown. After one TD was batted away from Dave because he didn't come back towards the underthrown ball, he got another chance and made the catch. Dave also made a great interception, basically out-receiving the receiver, and on another key play, held on to a short pass and got the tie-goes-to-the-receiver ruling. MVP today, Dave. And thanks for the whiskey... it was great, wasn't it?

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