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A mid-winter visit to our old frisbee golf course

Added 2015-02-07

On a cold, miserable Saturday afternoon, with a winter storm coming, I decide, on a whim, to go down to Balmy Beach and re-visit the frisbee golf course where my friends Aubrey and Andrew and I, sometimes with other players like Reg and Chris, spent so many happy evenings for so many years.

Walking along Queen Street at Lee, I notice an old Loblaws sign —

Old Loblaws Sign on Queen East

First stop: the old clubhouse on Avion Avenue, where we had occasional pre-golf barbecues and post-golf sobering up sessions —

Avion clubhouse

At the foot of Maclean Avenue, I am immediately but momentarily disoriented. Something seems different. The huge tree that was the 1st hole target is gone. Not just gone, but all traces obliterated —

1st hole tree is gone

The 3rd hole target, the lifeguard stand, is still there —

3rd hole lifeguard stand

The kind passerby who took these pics was really quite the photographer —

No lifeguard on duty

Walking further east, I notice that the bench we used as the 15th hole target is gone —

15th hole bench is gone

Next, I go out to the rocks to take this picture of the 16th hole —

16th hole from the rocks

Someone has vandalized a sign here, with a big heart —

Heart graffiti

Further east, the pole that we used as the 5th hole target is missing —

5th hole pole is missing

The pay phone at the Balmy Beach Club is still there, and still working, except somebody smashed the handset —

Balmy Beach pay phone

One of my favourite holes, the 8th, from the top of the hill to the lamppost, now effectively guarded by mature trees which were still just saplings when we played. No more aces! —

8th hole now obstructed by trees

Looking east from beside the 9th hole tee, the workout station —

Workout station

The pier at the eastern end of our frisbee golf course is completely covered in ice —

9th hole pier

This is the 9th hole target, looking north. (See the cute face?) That's Silver Birch Avenue, and on the left, where the garbage bins are, there used to be a wire garbage bin, where Reg once briefly donned the plastic garbage bin liner to use as a makeshift raincoat in a downpour, until the smell of doggie doodoo got to him —

9th hole concrete target

Heading back now, I notice this sticker on the pole beside the 14th tee, where I once pasted a similar sign that said "Not for the faint of heart" —

Not for the faint of heart

The wind is picking up and it's getting dark. Time to head home —

Time to head home

Farewell, Pole 54. Farewell, frisbee golf course, until we meet again —

Pole 54

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