Sorel Etrog's "Capriccio"

In its new location

Added 2011-03-30

Sorel Etrog

This is Sorel Etrog's Capriccio in its new location after its move from the Al Green Sculpture Park some time last year.

I'm not really much of an art person. Whatever trace of artistic sympathies I might have had were squashed years ago by the Canadian government spending millions of tax dollars on a stupid red stripe, and displaying a meat dress in the National Gallery.

But when I discovered Sorel Etrog's Capriccio last year, I fell in love with it.

Sorel EtrogHere it is in its former location in the Al Green Sculpture Park on Balliol Avenue just east of Yonge.

When I went back recently for another look, I was dismayed to find that it was gone.

I searched the internet a few times for news of its move, and always came up empty.

Sorel EtrogBut a recent search turned up The Al Green Gallery and an email request to them received an immediate and friendly answer from one Lindy Green: Capriccio has been re-located only a few yards to the east of the Al Green Sculpture Park, and is now in the Al Green Sculpture Garden on the property of 77 Davisville Avenue, a large Greenwin apartment building.

Sorel EtrogI feel like such a numpty for not finding it, seeing that it is within plain sight of its former location.

That's the Al Green Sculpture Park there behind the leaning tree.

Sorel EtrogAnother email, to the Toronto Sculpture web site, also received an immediate and friendly reply, stating that the sculptures were either owned or leased by the Greenwin Development company. Which sort of explains the move.

I do hope Greenwin will be (re)installing identifying plaques on all the art work. I'd like to know the artist of the clasping hands in the foreground here.

Sorel EtrogWhy did I, a philistine, get such an emotional reaction looking at Capriccio? It's hard to explain. I can definitely see two different faces in it, and seen from the right angle, they sort of merge into one.

It's too bad, in my opinion, that in its new location, it has its "face" oriented to the north, away from the sun.

Sorel EtrogThere are numerous sculptures along Davisville, presumably on other Greenwin properties.

Here's Etrog's Wind Bird right on the corner of Davisville and Mount Pleasant.

When I first saw this sculpture, I thought it was a pregnant woman beseeching the gods. Shows you how keen my sense of art really is.

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