Christmas at E.T.Seton

With a Yuletide fire and some great shooting

Added 2012-12-25

A gorgeous, warm day, no commitments, no snow yet this winter, so I'm off to play some frisbee golf at E.T.Seton.

Here's the 3rd tee, with the basket in the short position, 287 feet away on the right —

3rd tee at E.T.Seton

After the 4th hole, I take the traditional E.T.Seton beer break, and, feeling quite festive, decide to have a Yuletide fire —

Yuletide fire

Behind the picnic table is nothing but the solitude of the West Don —

West Don River

While contemplating the beautiful setting, a couple of diehard disc golfers play through, one of them landing his tee shot a foot away from the basket. I later caught up with them and we played a few holes together.

After my break, I proceed to the 5th hole, past the "Keep ya loot" bench on the right there. That old "horse and rider only" sign always makes me smile —

Horse and rider only

Here's the 5th tee, with the basket in the long position (239 feet), normally not visible from here because of the foliage. You have to play a wicked dogleg left to right, through a narrow gap in the trees —

5th tee at E.T.Seton

My second shot, through another narrow gap, lands two feet from the target —

Approach shot on 5th hole at E.T.Seton

Later, walking home along the west shore of the Lower Don, I spot another guy also building a Yuletide fire just off the bike path across the river —

Another Yuletide fire

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