Always an adventure

Added 2007-01-18

Just Aubrey and I again tonight, and our old friend the fierce wind of the west. My first four holes were birdie, birdie, triple bogey, eagle. As you can guess, the third hole plays back towards the west, i.e. into the wind.

We both made the turn under par, and were still under par after the 15th hole. But up until that point, the back nine had been played through treed areas, with some protection from the wind. Now we were about to go out to the rocks on the breakwater.

Aubrey wisely decided to forego The Holy Grail, as holes 16 though 18 are affectionately known, but was kind enough to accompany me as I played out, getting a seven on the par five 16th, as great a hole as ever I've played in "conditions," a snowman on the par three 17th, and a ten on the par four 18th, to finish the evening with a score of 83, eleven over par.

Man, that was fun!

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