An analysis of the "corner-post-corner" pass pattern

Added 2009-11-08

Under a minute to go in the game, first down on the 18 after a long run up the middle, with the clock running, the San Diego Chargers choose not to use a time out, and walk up to the line of scrimmage without a huddle. I don't know how Rivers signalled what he wanted to his single receiver on the right, Vincent Jackson. Turns out it was a corner-post-corner pattern.

The corner-post-corner is fairly simple. Run a few steps up field, plant the inside foot and head for the corner...

Start the corner-post-corner with a strong move to the corner

With the defender on your inside, take a step or two towards the post to make him fade that way...

Now make the defender think it's a corner-post pattern

... and when you cut back to the corner, there's plenty of separation.

Even if the defender doesn't turn his hips, you've now got great position to go back to the corner

The converted touchdown gave the Chargers a 21-20 lead over the New York Giants and the eventual win. How's the Rivers for Eli trade looking now, G-men?

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