Coyote behind Baycrest Arena

Acting like he owned the place

Added 2011-01-23

While playing Sunday Football today at Sandford Fleming, I spotted a coyote prowling the hillside in behind Baycrest Arena, on the side of the on-ramp that swoops down from the southbound Allen to Eastbound 401.

He'd prowl the hillside in the bright sun for a while, then stand around, then prowl some more. When our football game was over I grabbed the camera and went in behind Baycrest Arena to get closer.

Here's a shot I took on the approach, basically to set up the location because I hoped as I got closer to zoom in. That's him just sitting there in the middle of the picture, below the rightmost lamppost, although it's kind of hard to make him out in this picture.

Coyote sitting on the side of the hill

As I started to get closer, he got up and nonchalantly started to lope away.

Coyote trots off

Closeup of coyote loping  away

Then he either doubled back on me, or else I saw another one, back behind the arena parking lot, so I went back along the fence to see. Lots and lots of tracks on the hillside. Must be a hunting ground for them, for little furry critters. Crunch, munch, nom nom nom.

Hole under the fence in Baycrest Park

Here's a very well worn hole under the fence in the northeast corner of Baycrest Park, so the coyotes do patrol on both sides of the fence. I'm betting they're holed up somewhere in behind the big building at 150 Neptune, where the bush is quite thick along the culvert where Mud Creek emerges from under the 401. See Lawrence Manor Reach for information about this stretch of Mud Creek.

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