Coyote Sunday Football

During the height of mating season

Added 2012-02-12

Here's a lovely view of Sandford Fleming on the approach from the Yorkdale subway station. Today is the first time this winter I left the bike at home.

Sandford Fleming Collegiate, from the west

Feel free to download the larger version of this image for your viewing pleasure.

So anyhow, on with the game. Here's Milton, Al, and me, heading out on our pass patterns, Eric's the quarterback (not in picture), with John as the counter for the other team. Thanks to Andrew for coming out to say hello and taking these pictures.

Milton, Al, and me, with John counting

Here's Gordie, Avrum, and Dave at the line of scrimmage, with John as the quarterback. I'm the counter for the other team, signalling that it's third and one.

Gordie, Avrum, and Dave, John QB, me counting, with coyote circled

Circled in the background is our old friend Wile E. Coyote, on his usual spot on the hillside of the off ramp from southbound Allen to eastbound 401.

After the game, I wandered over towards the hillside, but the coyote took off around the corner to the west. There's an entire "blind" section of grass between ramps that is probably his main hunting ground.

Coyote territory

I waited a few minutes, and sure enough, he circled around, crossed the ramp (we've seen him do it a number of times), and approached from the east. But he was wary, perhaps a bit more wary than normal, this being the height of the coyote mating season, and must've sensed my presence, because he turned back.

Coyote is wary

As I stepped out from behind the bleachers behind the baseball diamond to get a better shot, he turned and loped off.

Coyote is leaving

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