Da Jazz be givin' me da blues

Rudeboys lose the rematch

Added 2011-10-15

We're into the second half of the season now, in which we play each of the other five teams a second time. On Thanksgiving Monday, we beat the Lugans for the second time; today, we played the Jazz for the second time, losing again, by a final score of 47—8. A rather convincing win for the Jazz, who seem to have had our number on this day.

To be honest, we played poorly. That's not a negative comment, but rather, an accurate assessment.

The Jazz missed on a third-and-one on their opening drive, but completed all of their next seven possessions with a touchdown. Our defence, missing a couple of players through injury, tried to make adjustments on the fly to get favourable matchups on their key players, but couldn't stop the underneath patterns. Our offence also had a particularly poor day, getting only one touchdown to Dean in nine drives, turning the ball over again and again after going third-and-none.

But there were some good things to take note of, as well.

Often, when a team is getting outscored handily, especially in an amateur league like the MTTFL, players find it difficult to contain their frustration and anger. But the Rudeboys kept trying hard, and kept working on adjustments, and did not lose our cool. Nobody bitched and whined (at least not that I noticed), and we never gave up.

There are no pictures or videos for this game, which is probably a good thing.

With the way the standings are beginning to settle out, there is a very good chance that we will meet the Jazz for the third time in the playoffs. Let's hope that we're back at full strength and can apply what we learned today.

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