Disc golfing with da boyz

Two incredible shots

Added 2013-04-24

Played a round yesterday at E.T.Seton with my son Eric and his friends Ty and Nick. We started at 13 — apparently many people play the course this way, parking at the Science Centre. At the 17th we witnessed one of the luckiest shots ever.

Eric tees off, and his disc heads for the trees on the right in a straight line, rising. Had it hit anything, it would've ended up in the swampy bush. But it makes it through, barely clipping a few branches, and keeps going, still rising, heading for the Science Centre. Then it makes a slow left turn, and descends sharply, ending up back on the fairway in what's known as a tombstone.

Luckiest shot ever

Later, on the 6th hole, Eric throws an approach shot that ends up over by the path, then proceeds to nail a stunning long putt.

Hundred foot putt

We paced it off afterwards. It was 100 feet. Awesome.

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