Don Valley in the dark

Slope remediation on the Don Valley Parkway hillside

Added 2011-01-26

It's a lovely mild January evening—yes, -1°C is mild—so I'm off for a short hike to the Don Valley.

Standing on Beechwood Drive where it crosses the CN line, looking east, the Don River slipping silently along below, everything peaceful despite the ever-present susurrus from the Don Valley Parkway up on the hill...

Don River at Beechwood Drive in the dark

Suddenly a GO train comes roaring by...

GO train crossing at Beechwood Drive

My little Nikon Coolpix came through again. No idea what auto setting it used, but you can see that the shutter was open for a while, because the lights from the train are blurred. The neat part is, the flash also went off while the shutter was open.

Illuminated decals from the side of the GO train

These decals, on the side of the train by the door, are not blurred, even though the train was moving while the shutter was open.

There's a chain link fence along the path through the Don Valley, from Beechwood Drive, enclosing the Beechwood Wetlands, and running all the way south to Pottery Road (although "path" isn't the right word, as this stretch was paved and had regular parks department vehicular traffic).

Heavy equipment behind a chain link fence

Most likely this is slope remediation for the side of the artificial hill upon which the DVP was built.

On the way home up the Bayview Extension, I stopped to check out a CP freight train, idling, just sitting there, underneath the Iroquois bluff, quietly rumbling and occasionally hissing or farting.

CP freight train idling at the Bayview Extension overpass

Above and lightly to the left of the engine are window lights from a home situated on the top of the Iroquois bluff, the shoreline of a glacial lake which existed here about 12,000 years ago.

You can see the Iroquois shoreline, as well as both of the railway lines and other landmarks mentioned above, on's Crother's Reach map. Move your mouse over the map for highlights.

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