Doomsday: Links

Links to resources on the Web for additional information about the Doomsday Algorithm

Added 1997-08-29, Updated 2017-01-03

The following web sites are about or include descriptions of Dr. Conway's Doomsday algorithm.

For more information about Dr. Conway, see:

Interesting calendar links

For links to other calendar sites, see my Calendar Links page; CAUTION, this page of links has not been updated since 2003!

General mathematics links

Knot a Braid of Links

KaBoL logo The Doomsday Algorithm was "latest link in the braid" for the week of April 6-12, 1999.

"This page will teach you a simple algorithm to calculate mentally the day of the week corresponding to any given date. Give it a try, it's quite rewarding! The page features clear instructions, examples, and mnemonic tricks."

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