Down to .500

Rudeboys are 2-2 after another loss

Added 2011-10-01

Losing this game after the long wait due to the bye week really hurt. We were in this game through three quarters, and lost it in the fourth.

Things started off disastrously as the Vikings got a "pick six" on our first drive. Our next two possessions were three-and-outs, while theirs were scores. Just into the second quarter, it's Vikings 20, Rudeboys zip.

We made a march and got a touchdown to Dave on third and goal, but the Vikings answered with a long, sustained drive, eating up the clock, for another score.

Then the good things started happening.

On the ensuing kickoff, John gets the ball, does a little dance, and laterals to Dree who runs away from everybody to score. The half ends Vikings 26, Rudeboys 14.

During halftime, I happened to mention to Dree that he might be too tense, trying too hard, and to loosen up and go with the flow. Doesn't he come out to on the second half kickoff and boot it into the endzone for a single. The Vikings get the ball on the 35 and throw three incompletions in a row. We get the ball back but go to third-and-none as well. Dree steps up and absolutely booms the field goal down the middle and out the back of the end zone. Officially 43 yards, coulda made 60. Strongest field goal I've seen in many years.

Now the Vikings come back at us, but on third and goal, Dean makes an interception. We've got Moe Mentum back on our team!

Alas, our next two drives end with third-and-one incompletions. At the start of the fourth quarter the score is Vikings 26, Rudeboys 18, and we're still in it—but we can't pull the trigger. They score once more and we're done.

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