Dr. Robert Buckman

Appearing in a Princess Margaret Hospital TV commercial

Added 2009-09-29

This is Dr. Robert Buckman appearing (uncredited) in a TV commercial for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation here in Toronto. Dr. Buckman practises medical oncology at the hospital.

Dr. Robert Buckman of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The TV commercial is masterfully designed to elicit very strong emotions. Various people hold up signs telling a story of the fight against cancer. Not to be missed.

Dr. Buckman lives in Leaside, and I have spoken to him at the Loblaws. I recall seeing him answer popular science questions on the 1970's British TV show Don't Ask Me, which also included mad scientist Magnus Pyke, best known for his appearance in She Blinded Me with Science.

I don't believe it
There she goes again
She's tidied up
And I can't find anything!

See also this version.

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