Drama at Bayview and Moore

Man outside 6th floor balcony for hours

Added 2013-10-02

A long drama developed this evening at the corner of Bayview and Moore Avenues. Police had cordoned off the intersection as there was a man clinging to the outside of a balcony on the 6th floor of the apartment building.

Bayview and Moore is blocked off

He was shouting, angrily, but I couldn't tell what he was so upset about. A couple of people, presumably police officers, were talking to him from the adjacent apartment.

Man on balcony, with cops

Eventually I went home, not really wanting to stay and see if he actually jumps. I came out two full hours later and it was still going on.

Man on balcony, two hours later

I'm not sure of the outcome, because I went back home, but as my friend Ted, of the South Bayview Bulldog, with whom I shared these photos, said, presumably everything turned out okay because there was no mess on the lawn or sidewalk the next morning. I called 53 Division but they would not say anything, not even to confirm whether the guy was talked in safely, on the grounds that this information was "confidential."

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