Dree is back

Sunday Football now officially on summer schedule

Added 2011-05-08

After many weeks without him, today's Sunday Football game featured the return of Dree from an extended vacation in Trinidad. The only thing that could've made me happier is if I had gone with him, because I really like soca, and I would've had a blast.

Sorry there's no pictures today. You'll just have to use your imagination.

John, Andrew, Juergen, Dree — 3.
Eric, Rudy, Cos, Milton — 1.

Dree scored all his team's touchdowns. The guy is unbelievably fast. Pretty tough on defence, too. Easily star of the day.

After I woke up from my Sunday afternoon nap, I discovered I have quite the sunburn. So definitely spring is over, and we're into summer. Hopefully we will see more players showing up over the coming weeks, as the threat of snow is pretty much gone. Yes, I'm talking to you, Tyrone.

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