Dwight Drummond

Humour in the news -- who knew?

Added 2004-05-17

Maybe it's me, but the slightest things make me laugh. Out loud, sometimes.

Anyway, Dwight Drummond, by far my favourite CITY-TV "personality" (hey, that's what they're called, okay? what would you call 'em, newscasters?) today reported the sad story of some Darwin Award candidate (except that he lived) who lost control of his vehicle on the ramp from the southbound 427 to the eastbound Gardiner here in Toronto. If you've ever been on that ramp, you know how easy that would actually be to accomplish. But that's not what made this story funny.

Dwight reported that the driver fled the scene, and police later apprehended a suspect, with a broken pelvis, 40 feet below the ramp, who had apparently not looked before he leaped.

"Alcohol," Dwight reported, with impeccable timing, "is a likely factor."

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