Family Day frisbee golf on the island

Coping with several new pin locations

Added 2011-02-21

Since 2008, the third Monday in February is designated "Family Day" in Ontario, a statutory holiday which nicely interrupts the dreary long slog between New Year's and Easter. Naturally, Aubrey and I thought this would be a splendid opportunity to play a round of frisbee golf on Toronto Island.

How difficult is it to play frisbee golf in the winter? Why, not at all, thanks for asking. You just have to dress warmly and bring a thermos.

Arriving with two minutes to spare for the 9:30 a.m. ferry, I am hugely surprised and pleased to find that Andrew has joined us, forsaking his snow plowing job, presumably not a big risk as practically all businesses are closed up tight for the holiday.

We find the course in pristine shape, beautiful in its coat of white. We are the first to play through today, although later, as the sun breaks through and the day warms up, many other disc golf enthusiasts would arrive.

The biggest surprise today turns out to be the change in pin locations on several holes. Here's the pin on the second hole:

New location of pin on 2nd hole

There used to be a slight dogleg to the left, with the pin tucked in near the kids' fort. Now the pin is over to the right, near the street. Not a big change, not enough to affect the par rating for the hole, but this was just the beginning of the changes. The 5th hole no longer has a dogleg to the left either, but again, not enough of a change to affect par.

At the 6th tee, we noticed a huge fire across the bay somewhere in downtown Toronto. I checked all the television newscasts later the same day, but never found out what it was.

Something's seriously belching black smoke in downtown Toronto

The 6th hole, previously the longest hole on the course, a par 8 for us, has been seriously shortened, by at least 2 strokes. The pin is now on the right partway down, instead of further on beyond the 7th tee.

On the 9th hole, my shot went about thirty yards out over the water. Luckily, the ice allowed me to walk out and play my next shot from there. Aubrey may have pictures of this debacle.

The 11th hole pin has been moved closer by a stroke, and well to the left. Here's a wonderful cluster of approach shots:

New location of pin on 11th hole

Across the lagoon is the "Far Enough Farm" which is part of the larger Centreville amusement area. We could easily smell the horses. I was surprised to learn that the farm is actually open all year.

The 13th hole has been shortened substantially, and is now a very short dogleg to the right. Sigh. We do expect that the pins will likely move again in the spring. I wonder who's making all these changes.

Here's Andrew after slipping on the ice on the 14th hole:

Andrew hits a patch of ice

The day ended with Andrew once again the big winner with a score of 102. Aubrey was second with 105, and I was well back, with 109. Time to catch the Ongiara back home.

The Ongiara ferry approaches the Ward's Island dock

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