Fathers Day Sunday Football

With guest appearances

Added 2011-06-19

The first guest appearance was Tobacco John, who showed up early and eager to play. I'll save you the suspense and mention up front that he's my star of the day.

Tobacco John warms up his throwing arm

Johnny went both ways for a while, until the second guest appearance—my son Damon, who had gone to the additional trouble of buying new football cleats just so that he could play with his Dad on Fathers Day. I was pretty happy to see him.

John, Noah, Dree, Dean, Johnny, Damon — 6.
Eric, Cos, Dave, Rudy, Travis, Johnny — 2.

Travis got a sweet interception and two touchdowns for our side but we had nothing else. On the winning side, Noah was back from last week and played great again, with two touchdowns. Dree scored twice too. I don't normally keep stats like this but somebody mentioned to me that since Dree came back to Toronto, the teams he's on are 6-0-1.

Damon made a spectacular interception going up in the air to outjump the receiver. Secured the ball against his body with both hands and arms, all the way to the ground, landing on his back. If I'm ever a referee in the MTTFL, I'm going to call that catch complete every single time.

Star of the day was Tobacco John. First of all, for playing. And then for lasting the whole game. And going both ways for a while... and they made him run routes instead of letting him throw. But here's the thing—he kept getting open, making catch after catch. Dave got a bit frustrated after the second or third time. But Johnny's best move was on me, a delayed down-out-nonchalantly-and-down with a nice look off by John throwing, and a big (okay, relatively big, for Johnny) leaping catch over the goal line. I shoulda yelled "Wait!"

Fathers Day Sunday Football, June 19, 2011, guest appearance by Damon —

Damon and his Dad

Fathers Day Sunday Football, June 20, 1999, all four kids —

Damon, Eric, Dad, Anna, Dieter

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