Figure 8 bike track

Somewhere in the Don Valley

Added 2012-03-12, Updated 2012-04-14

Hiking through the Don Valley today, I came across a sizable figure 8 dirt track that someone—presumably a group of mountain bikers— has built in a semi-secluded spot.

Figure 8 bike track somewhere in the Don Valley

I'm not going to reveal where this spot is, so that the wrong people don't come looking for it to trash it. Which is unlikely, given how tolerant the authorities are of the other homemade bike facilities in the valley, but still...

The bikers have gone to considerable effort, as there is a substantial amount of dirt that has been moved. Their shovels and other implements are still stashed nearby.

Tools used to dig the figure 8 track

Update 2012-04-14.

I am saddened to report that there seems to have been no progress on the figure 8 track in the 5 weeks since I was here last.

Figure 8 bike track somewhere in the Don Valley

What's more, their tools and implements are gone. I found a broken shovel handle nearby. This actually makes a fabulous walking stick, and the sharp end is especially useful on hills. This picture is taken under the Leaside bridge (not near the figure 8 track).

Shovel handle makes a great walking stick

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