Football in the rain

Dress shoes in the parking lot

Added 2011-05-14

Nine guys today, and with me showing up last, I got to play both ways. I was late after struggling into a headwind, cycling in the rain, after having done the same distance last night, in the rain, to attend Andrew's surprise party for Shannon (where I sat beside the buffet table all night).

Trudging out to the field to play in the rain

John, Juergen, Dree, Milton, Rudy — 3.
Eric, Dave, Gordie, Cos, Rudy — 2.

Things got off to a great start when I caught a lovely long touchdown from John in the end zone on a corner-post that fooled poor old Dave. Shortly thereafter, I got another TD from Eric, and the score stayed 1-1 for a long time, until Gordie also caught a long TD, from Eric.

Late in the game, Milton scored a TD on a pure romp of joy, a smiling fifty-yard scamper down the left sideline, beating Cos who we all thought had taken a good angle to catch him. And right at the end of the game, Dree caught the winner. But Milton, with his 4 interceptions, is my hero once again.

Gordie wearing dress shoes in the parking lot

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