Forks of the Don at sunset

On my way to Parkview Hill

Added 2009-11-08

Looking eastward from the trail/bikepath wooden bridge suspended underneath Don Mills Road at the Forks of the Don, towards the "white bridge" on the original Don Mills road.

Forks of the Don "white bridge"

A few yards further along, and you can see cars on the Don Valley Parkway in the background, as well as the access road coming in off Don Mills Road from the right. You can also see houses on the crest of Parkview Hill in the distance.

"White bridge" and Don Valley Parkway

The access road goes both over the "white bridge" to a parking lot for the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area (which proceeds from here north along the valley to Lawrence Avenue), and under the Parkway to another parking lot for Taylor Creek Park.

Parks at the Forks of the Don

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