Found a sweet disc in the Don River today

Looking like it had been in the water for years

Added 2013-08-17

On a nice walk up the Don River from Sun Valley today, I spotted a disc out in the river shallows.

Disc in Lower Don River

What's so unusual about finding a disc in the river? In this case, it was the location. It was in the Lower Don, west of the Leaside Bridge, a good three kilometres downstream of the E.T. Seton disc golf course. You can see a "bird's-eye" aerial view of the location in this Bing map.

Here's me sneaking up on it in the river —

Disc in Lower Don River

Here's my prize, covered in algae and grunge —

Disc in Lower Don River

Here it is after some careful application of vinegar and elbow grease at home —

Avenger SS Z

It's an Avenger SS, maximum distance driver, Z model. There was a remnant of a phone number on the back, but I can't make out all the digits — 416-67X-XXXX. I'm sure that whoever dyed it will recognize it, and give me a call.

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