Fred Dunn

A story about people living in Toronto's ravines

Added 2006-04-10, Updated 2009-02-09

Fred Dunn is featured in The Outsiders, a gripping true story about people living outdoors in Toronto.

Fred Dunn

Fred recites one of his compositions, a poem inspired by a street nurse who sometimes visits his training camp. He has fallen madly, hopelessly in love with her, to the point that the mere thought of her can provoke tears.

Despite the fact my sight
Isn't what it used to be
I see many, many things
Dark, dark is the night.


Fred Dunn running, carrying his timber

I've seen Fred Dunn several times, carrying his log at Memorial Park Collegiate's running track, across the Bloor Viaduct, on the Bayview Extension, but the last time was many years ago. He was mentioned on CityTV's Breakfast Television this morning, in an interview with Joe Fiorito, a Toronto Star columnist, author of a new book, "Union Station, Love, Madness, Sex and Survival on the Streets of the New Toronto" in which Fred is mentioned. I think he said Fred's in a home now.

Fred is definitely one of my heroes. Probably in the top ten.

Update Feb 9, 2009

Fred has passed away, but he won't be forgotten. The wonder of Fred Dunn lives on in a novel way.

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