Friday night disc golf at ET Seton

Grand opening a huge success

Added 2011-06-17

On Friday, June 17, 2011, the brand new disc golf course at ET Seton park was officially opened. In attendance were a couple dozen enthusiastic disc golfers. Plus one frisbee golfer, no less enthusiastic.

Opening remarks at inaugural Friday night disc golf round at ET Seton park

These people are pretty serious about their sport. Just look at how well-prepared they are.

Ross and Nao, disc golfers

The next picture is taken at the tee of the first hole. The tee, which you can see in the foreground, is a small 5-inch red disc nailed into the ground. Permanent tee pads are not scheduled to be installed until later this year.

First tee at ET Seton disc golf course

The target for the first hole is approximately 90 yards away, about twice as far as the gentleman in the picture, who was part of a foursome which allowed me to tag along. I shot last, because I was gonna shoot often. These guys had no trouble landing their tee shots within a few yards of the target. I took three shots to get close, nailed a 40-foot putt, so this will be at least a par 4 for frisbee golfers.

Ninth hole at ET Seton disc golf course

The picture above is the tee at the 9th hole. You will notice the huge tree about halfway to the target, and you can choose to play around it (the disc golfers, in one shot) or through it (one shot to just in front of the tree, and a second shot to get past it). The kamalfechuk all over the fairway are clumps of dead crass clippings, which should fully dry up and be absorbed soon (it was a very wet May, and the grass was quite high when the parks department was finally able to cut it). The guys I'm playing with have gone on ahead because I had to take a pee break. (Am I allowed to say that?) Reminder to future players: bring bug spray, especially if you need to venture into the bush. Anyhow, the 9th hole is about 80 yards and another honest par 4 for the frisbee golfers in the crowd. I missed my putt and scored a 5.

Gerry, Freddie, Josh, John

These are the guys who let me tag along with them — Gerry, Freddie, Josh, and John — teeing off at the 18th hole. My thanks to them for their friendly patience and hospitality. These are all experienced players. John has a monstrous and deadly accurate drive, Gerry made a couple of lovely birdies (remember, they're playing par 3 where I need at least a 5), and Freddie is a clutch putter. Josh is one of the guys who laid out the course, and I have to say, this is an absolutely gorgeous course. The setting is magnificent, but the layout is spectacular. Each hole seems to have its own special challenge, and I really like the way some of the holes have been designed to take advantage of the trees in the park.

I made extensive notes for a map of the course and will post it as soon as I can.

Once again, my thanks to Adge for the hard work he's done over the last couple of years to bring this project to completion. It's a fantastic course, and I'll be playing it often.

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