Frisbee golf in the snow

At E.T. Seton park

Added 2011-12-30

Last week, after playing a round of frisbee golf in splendid spring-like weather, I took the following photo on the way home, going up the trail from E.T. Seton park to Leslie and Vanderhoof.

The trail out of E.T.Seton park to Leslie and Vanderhoof

What a difference this week. Here's the same view on my way down into the park.

The trail into E.T.Seton park from Leslie and Vanderhoof

Couldn't resist taking another shot of the gorgeous 1884 high level bridge. My frisbee friends are probably well tired of me prattling on about how remarkable this bridge is.

Signpost under the CP high-level bridge in E.T. Seton park

This is the basket for the 1st hole. Frisbee golf in winter is not that difficult, and the only difference is perhaps that you're a little bulkier on your drives due to the extra clothing.

Snowy disc golf basket

The snow covered park is absolutely stunning in its beauty. Here we are approaching the 3rd hole basket.

3rd hole at E.T. Seton in snow

Keep ya loot, gimme some snow.

Keep ya loot -- give me some truth

Horse and rider only. Don't even think of riding your bike down into the river.

Horse and rider only

On a day like today, there's sure to be ample bike parking.

Bike parking at E.T. Seton under the Overlea bridge

On our approach to the 9th basket, Aubrey's frisbee (that dark object in the snow in the foreground) is well ahead of mine. As I'm lining up to shoot, Aubrey says, sort of jokingly, "Here's the putt of the day." And don't I just ~nail~ the sucker. We paced it off afterwards—24 yards.

Approaching the 9th hole basket

How do you follow that up? By making your birdie shot too.

Aubrey makes his birdie too

Aubrey maintained his lead all through the back nine and ended up with a 2-under 83. I closed the gap with a birdie on 12 and another really great long birdie putt on 13, but still ended two strokes back with an even par 85.

On the way home, another great photo of the beauty of E.T. Seton park in the snow.

E.T. Seton park in the snow

And one final shot of the magnificent CP trestle clad in snow.

CP trestle clad in snow

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