Frisbee golf with my buddies from

In town for the MXNorth conference

Added 2003-03-15

Last week the organizers of the MXNorth conference asked for volunteers to help out, in return for the opportunity to sit in on some sessions when things weren't busy. Thus it was that I ended up being on duty all day Friday in the conference "cyber café." It was mostly quiet, except for the power failure, after which I learned a new command: ipconfig /renew. Also, we later found out, one of the computers was hit by the Slammer virus, started broadcasting, and eventually brought down the entire hotel network.

In between sessions, Jeff and Morgan came in, checked their email, did some surfing, talked web development, and tried to enlighten anyone naïve enough to suggest that the adjacency model is the only way to store a tree structure.

On Saturday, I was on duty at the conference registration desk, but managed to catch a great presentation on the Document Object Model by Joe Marini. Irony indeed, as Joe is one of the co-authors of Dreamweaver MX: ASP.NET Web Development, the book being given away to every conference attendee, and probably the last glasshaus book published.

Adrian arrived on Saturday afternoon, and later that evening, the frisbee golf game was on.

The boys took the Red Rocket out to Woodbine station, where I picked them up in the Beetle. Yes, four adults, in a '69 Beetle. Adrian has pics. After stops at the beer store and gas station, we were on our way to the Beach.

Hilarity ensued.

aardvark, r937, and .jeff We took our customary beer break on the 4th hole where these pictures were taken. There were other photo opportunities, including some insanity on the teeter-totters on the 10th hole, but discretion prevented me from taking them.

nagrom Morgan's game started poorly, a double bogey and a bogey, but he never gave up, and played with enthusiasm.

aardvark Adrian and Morgan challenged each other, and Old Man Par, for last place. Luckily, no one had to go into the lake this time.

.jeff Jeff ended up winning the round with a solid 60, which is twelve under par. Very respectable indeed, for a guy who doesn't play regularly. I came in second with a disappointing 66, a sad score for someone who has played the course hundreds of times.

The ride back to their hotel was the highlight of the night. Four adults, crammed into an old VW bug, scooting through traffic.

"Hey guys, watch me take this cab at the light."

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