Games are won when guys make great plays

Jason Babineaux kills the Cowboys

Added 2007-01-06

Tony Romo's last play of the season will stick in his memory all year

Tony Romo's splendid season comes to an end. With a minute left in the game, a field goal would put the Cowboys ahead. It's a chip shot from the 9-yard line. Then Romo bobbles the snap, but makes a valiant effort to run it in. Even if he just makes it to the one-yard line, it's a first down, but he's tackled by Jason Babineaux at the two, clearly the play of the year for the Seahawks.

Martin Gramatica fails to block Jason Babineaux on the back side

Cowboys' kicker Martin Gramatica attempts to block Jason Babineaux on the back side. He pretty much just waved at him. So whose fault was the loss? It's hard to blame anyone, because they all played real hard. But Gramatica is 5'8" and 170 pounds, while Mike Vanderjagt, who was unceremoniously cut by coach Parcells after 10 games, is 6'5" and 220, and I think he would've laid a real block.

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