Good Friday frisbee golf at E.T. Seton

The old foursome together again

Added 2012-04-06

Waiting for the boys to show up, I relax under a bridge catching some rays. That's the 1884 high level CP bridge over the West Don in the background.

Under a bridge again

Our good friend Chris made the trek down from Barrie to reunite the foursome of old.

Chris about to tee off at the first hole

Aubrey got a nice picture of Chris' delivery—underarm, with a quick flick of the wrist. A bit unorthodox, but very effective.

Chris' underarm delivery

The posed group shot...

Keep ya loot - give me some truth

Andrew took a great photo of me on my knees under a tree making a putt on the 8th hole. I missed.

Putting at the 8th hole

Aubrey took these pictures during our picnic by the pond behind the 14th tee —

Chris and Andrew

Break time

Chris was the overall winner at 78, Aubrey 80, Andrew 82, and thanks to a pair of triple bogeys, I was last at 86.

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