Heart Park

At the old Otter Loop on Avenue Road

Added 2011-04-03

Update 2018-08-05

Six years later, a mature parkette. You'd never guess this used to be a trolley loop. Or an emissions testing station more recently.

Otter Cres at Avenue Road, 2018

Update 2011-12-18

Work on Heart Park has completed. Compare the following photo with the earlier one (below) taken eight months ago.

Heart Park is ready

In the center of the "heart" (about where the pulmonary artery would be) is a circular bench which I am confident would be a fabulous place to play a game of Duck Duck Goose.

Circular bench in Heart Park

For anyone interested, there is a Grand Opening Ceremony this week, on Wednesday at 5 pm, hosted by Councillor Karen Stintz.

Grand Opening Ceremony for Heart Park, December 21, 2011

Original post 2011-04-03

Just south of Lawrence Avenue on Avenue Road, across from Havergal College which dominates this 1936 photo from the Toronto Archives, Otter Crescent leads towards the northwest and a new subdivision of modern homes. The sign advertises a few "choice lots" still to be had.

Otter Crescent at Avenue Road, 1936

Here's the same view, taken this morning. Havergal is all but obscured by trees, even without leaves. In the foreground is a small piece of open land known as the Otter Bus Loop, where the Nortown trolleys and then Avenue buses turned around.

Otter Crescent at Avenue Road, 2011

The bus loop is still there, but the bus shelter, built about 70 years ago, and the subject of some controversy (whether it should have been kept), was demolished late last year. However, you can still see it on Google Street View 2009.

Otter Loop, Google Street View 2009

Replacing the loop some time this year will be a new park in the shape of a heart.

Sign describing the proposed Heart Park