Hook and go

An analysis of the "hook and go" pass pattern

Added 2011-01-08

Here's Cameron Morrah, tight end for the Seattle Seahawks, running a classic hook right at the first down line. Note he has turned around to look back at the QB. Saints defender Roman Harper moves up and covers him from behind, slightly to his inside.

Seattle Seahawk Cam Morrah does a hook...

Meanwhile, Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is getting pasted pretty hard by the pass rush, but throws it up anyway, well downfield.

Morrah completes his 360 to the outside, and is off down the sideline.

... and go

The key to the hook and go is not only to look at the QB on the hook, but also to turn and look back immediately on the go.

The play went for 39 yards to the Saints 7 yard line, and on the next play, the Seahawks ran the old "tight end falls down, gets ignored, gets up and catches touchdown in end zone" play to John Carlson. Victim on this play was Roman Harper again.

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