Huge fish in the West Don River

Beside the E.T.Seton disc golf course

Added 2012-09-30

Aubrey and I played our usual Sunday round of frisbee golf at E.T. Seton today. Here's the obligatory badass pose using automatic shutter with the camera sitting on the picnic table at the 4th hole.

Rudy and Aubrey on the 4th hole

Aubrey was the first to see the fish. It swam back and forth, up river and down, right past the picnic table, at least five or six times. Made some nice waves, too, chasing whatever it was chasing.

Twenty inch fish in the West Don River

That's the fish in the foreground (if foreground is the right word when looking into water). The ducks further back should give some idea of the, um, scale of the fish. Easily twenty inches, in my estimation. Aubrey says it could be a pike, and he's the fisherman. We allowed as how it's probably a carp.

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