Ice on the 9th hole

Mother Nature decorates the Beach

Added 2004-02-09

These pictures were taken on a sunny Sunday afternoon in February, at the 9th hole on our frisbee golf course on the eastern beaches in Toronto, at the foot of Silver Birch Ave. Click on the thumbnail images to see the larger images.

ice on the 9th hole Our target for the 9th hole used to be a metal sign strung between the two pipes visible just in front of the square concrete thing with the manhole in it, which is our current target. The 9th hole is a par 5, and you'd be surprised how easy it is to accidentally hit one of those two pipes when shooting for the concrete thing. Anyhow, the land actually slopes from there down to the right, to the lake. So what's that big hill there? Ice.

ice on the 9th hole Here's the view back towards the 9th hole, with the Balmy Beach Club boat house in the background. This is at the extreme eastern end of the boardwalk that runs all the way from here west to Ashbridge's Bay. Note the actual shoreline in the foreground. The ice where I'm standing is about 6 feet thick, rising to about 15 feet at the peak of the little ice mountain. Note the chunk of ice the size of an SUV that has broken off there.

ice on the 9th hole Standing on the slope of the ice mountain, looking out along the pier, where the ice looks to be about 6 feet thick. When we played the course a few nights before these pictures were taken, that chunk had not yet broken off, and there was a little cave under there.

ice on the 9th hole Looking at the pier from the other side. Hard to believe it's still standing under all that weight. See the water there in the foreground? We've all had a frisbee go in there.

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