Icy E.T.Seton disc golf course

Tee pads virtually unplayable

Added 2014-01-06

The sun was shining this morning, so I went down to the course to practice my putting. To be honest, this was never going to be a full round of golf, which I haven't actually completed in a couple of months.

The tee pads are no longer playable. In December, some of us had managed to keep them reasonably clear by vigourous sweeping as well as the application of some road salt.

Here's the first tee, showing no footprints at all after Sunday's snowfall —

Icy 1st tee

That may look like snow but it's actually ice on the bottom with frozen slush on top.

Here's a better view of the situation, over an inch of ice on the 12th tee —

Icy 12th tee

The 4th tee wasn't so bad, the frozen slush was crusty and allowed for a bit of purchase —

Icy 4th tee

Ice. Ice everywhere.

Icy picnic table

Ice on the river. Ice around the beer can pole.

Icy beer can pole

What's this under the ice?

What's this under the ice?

It's the pistachio guy!!!

The pistachio guy

Dude, that is so cool! Thanks!

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