Jack Duckworth

A Coronation Street regular

Added 2009-10-21

Molly's Auntie Pam blows up Jack's privy on New Year's Eve when sparks from the angle grinder she was using on the lock to get at her drums of Darryl's chip oil cause an explosion which lands her in hospital.

Tyrone: "Right, I've cleared all that rubbish out the way, I'll get rid of it proper when the tip opens."

Jack: "Well who wants an outside toilet at this time of year any road."

Jack Duckworth on Coronation Street

Molly and Tyrone are still fighting, and Molly thinks Tyrone was involved in the chip oil fiasco.

Tyrone: "It was that daft bat, your auntie."

Tyrone storms out.

Jack: "Me and our Vera always used to start the new year off with a good row. Get it out of the way early on, like..."

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